Wednesday, August 21, 2013

38.5 Weeks and Ready to Pop!

It's been far too long since I've posted some belly shots....about 12 weeks it looks like! My how time flies! Currently it's not flying quite fast enough, as Justin and I are ready to meet our little one. We've been saying "any day now..." for the past few weeks, and each day that passes I get more and more anxious. My OB said last week that she thought we'd have a baby by the 26th...hopefully that's true. Between the SEVERELY swollen feet and ankles, and consistent contractions, I'm definitely ready. Unfortunately the contractions aren't cyclical at this point, but they're coming more frequently and are getting more and more painful. Hopefully we'll meet our little one soon!

Here are the last few belly shot photos showing our little one growing in size!

 33 Weeks

35 Weeks:

38.5 Weeks:

I look like a giant whale now! I'm worried this will be a 10 pound baby!  ;)  Hopefully not...

The countdown continues....only 11 more days until the due date....hopefully sooner...

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