Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Invitation Designs

As you can see with all of my posts today, I've been busy creating new invitation designs for a variety of special events. These are a few of the different designs which are now available in my Etsy shop.

* Holiday Houses Christmas Party Invitation - Neighborhood Potluck Dinner Party

* Little Lady, Little Miss Shabby Chic Baby Shower Invitations - Paris and Vintage Inspired for  Baby Girl - Chevron, Stripes, Floral Designs with Female Silhouette 

* Kraft and Lace Vintage Inspired Invitation - Rehearsal Dinner, Engagement Party, Anniversary, Couples Wedding Shower - Neutral

As always, thanks for looking! Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Custom invitation designs can be requested here.

TCU Inspired Invitation with Vintage Hanging Mason Jars

I decided to do my traditional hanging mason jar invitation in TCU colors - purple, grey, and white. The invitation features the dark eggplant purple, and charcoal grey, with white string lights. Perfect for an engagement party or rehearsal dinner for TCU students or graduates, or even an anniversary party for TCU alumni.

It would also be perfect for anyone having a purple and grey wedding. Hope you enjoy!

These invitations can be found in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

Fall and Autumn Themed Invitations

I've been busy creating new invitation designs, and have several with an autumn and fall theme. These could be used for baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, a rehearsal dinner, birthday party, etc. These can each be found at my Etsy shop:

I love the browns, oranges, and reds of fall. I tried to incorporate those into these new designs. Enjoy!
The fall designs can be found here.

First is the fall inspired vintage hanging mason jars invitation, in bright orange, green and pink:

This design is also offered in a neutral color scheme, with brown, beige, and light pink colors. This invitation is available with a linen background (shown), a kraft (cardboard) background, or a corrugated cardboard background: 

I've also created some fall baby shower invitations in orange, brown, and beige, with textured owls sitting atop a branch with fall leaves. These have several background options, including orange or brown chevron, grey herringbone, chocolate brown feathers, or polka dots:

Lastly, below you will see the new line of Halloween invitations, perfect for a Halloween party, birthday party, or haunted house. These also have different background options, including black and white polka dots, orange chevron, and more.

The first set features a haunted house, spider and web below a fall branch, and pumpkins, one of which wears a witch's hat:

The second option is similar, but is geared more towards children, and features owls in costumes (bat, mummy, witch and pumpkin):

Thanks for looking! Please let me know if I can help make a custom autumn inspired invitation for your next event. 

Happy Sunday!

Christmas and Holiday Party Invitations

I just finished a new line of Christmas and Holiday party invitations, which can be used for any occasion  including a holiday rehearsal dinner or engagement party. Most feature the classic red and green color scheme, with flowering trees, snowflakes, reindeer, ornaments, presents, and floral designs. You can find each of these invitation at my Etsy shop:

Thanks so much for looking, and let me know if I can help customize a holiday invitation for you!

Friday, July 20, 2012

TCU Pride

A little tribute to TCU - where Justin and I met, and our favorite football team!! 

Blue Vintage Mason Jar Soap Dispensers, Tutorial

I have an addiction to vintage blue mason jars - every antique store and flea market I go to I seem to buy one. I wanted to use a few in a unique way, so I decided to make soap dispensers for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. 

I started with two mason jars, and some soap dispensers from Lowes. The total cost was about $10 per finished dispenser - not bad for a custom item. 

I used a heavy duty drill bit -- the largest I could find -- and drilled holes in the tops of each lid. There is a ceramic layer beneath the metal, so I would suggest doing this outside on your driveway or sidewalk, as when you drill through the ceramic it shatters. Be sure to wear safety glasses! Stop drilling once you have a hole large enough through which to fit the dispenser. Place the dispenser through the hole in each lid. At that point, it should look something like this:

Lastly, just fill with your choice of soap. I used a cream-colored vanilla soap, so it looks a little green - which is perfect because the accents in the kitchen will be green. 
Simple enough!

Vintage Industrial, Rustic DIY Projects

I've been busy trying to complete a million projects for the house, and I'm not even close to being done.  ;)  I thought I'd share a few updates with you all though.

The first is the old, vintage window I bought from a flea market in May. One side has the original glass, the other has chicken wire - I love it!


I added some photos with mini clothespins, and used a chalkboard marker to write a quote on the glass. 

Also in the living room, I used a vintage explosives crate to hold shoes by the front door. Justin is always complaining that my shoes are lying around, so I decided to make something to house them. I found the Atlas Powder crate at the Fredericksburg Flea Market (along with the one I converted into the coffee table), and of course I couldn't pass it up! 

I added a few coats of polyurethane and some casters I purchased at Lowes, and voila!

On the other side of the front door I have a wall devoted to vintage industrial, and rustic wall art. I've picked up several things from flea markets, and a few from Hobby Lobby. Also, I got a vintage cash register key (.08) and a photo of a rusty cash register from Etsy. I still need to find one more small item for the left side, and a few trinkets to put in the shelves. The shelves are small ruler boxes I got from Hobby Lobby for $5 total! I added some picture hangers to the back, then hung them on the wall.