Sunday, April 15, 2012

Curb Appeal

Now for the after shots of the front yard.....


We added a new lantern light fixture, new mail box, a doormat, and some lovely wooden planters with daisies.

The steps are now clear of ivy, and are no longer a safety hazard.  ;)

My mom and I spent a few hours ripping out the ivy around the lamp post - all the way down to the roots. Then we replaced the lamp post with a new one, and planted a garden around it. We finished the edge with some stones we bought in a pallet. 

Now we can actually see the lamp post! And it has an electrical outlet....a nice added feature.

We can actually see the house from the front sidewalk now.

The driveway is clear of ivy as well - makes it easier to see when backing out of the narrow driveway.

The left side of the house with a new garden and window boxes....

Looking down from the front porch.

The right side of the front garden. We also added some stones in the lawn to provide a walkway to the driveway.

Looking down from the front porch. You can see a bright pink azalea on the bottom - my favorite flower we bought.

On the left side of the lawn we planted an Asian Pear Tree. It's not blooming anymore (bright white flowers), but hopefully it will continue to grow.

On the right side we planted a Sunrise Dogwood - when it first blooms it has dark pink/red flowers, then they slowly turn to white. The flowers are still blooming, and they're beautiful. They are currently white with dark pink veins.

Lastly, the sidewalk - no longer a safety hazard either. Who knew we had a concrete wall underneath all of the ivy. 

Well, that's the front yard renovation. Eventually we want to paint the house a light grey color, and perhaps the front door a brighter red. We also want to replace the metal awning with some sort of portico - perhaps something like this house with the arch over the porch, or even something like this one with a small porch. Unfortunately those changes will have to wait a few years until we can finish the interior of the house.....but hey, a girl can dream....

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