Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue Vintage Mason Jar Soap Dispensers, Tutorial

I have an addiction to vintage blue mason jars - every antique store and flea market I go to I seem to buy one. I wanted to use a few in a unique way, so I decided to make soap dispensers for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. 

I started with two mason jars, and some soap dispensers from Lowes. The total cost was about $10 per finished dispenser - not bad for a custom item. 

I used a heavy duty drill bit -- the largest I could find -- and drilled holes in the tops of each lid. There is a ceramic layer beneath the metal, so I would suggest doing this outside on your driveway or sidewalk, as when you drill through the ceramic it shatters. Be sure to wear safety glasses! Stop drilling once you have a hole large enough through which to fit the dispenser. Place the dispenser through the hole in each lid. At that point, it should look something like this:

Lastly, just fill with your choice of soap. I used a cream-colored vanilla soap, so it looks a little green - which is perfect because the accents in the kitchen will be green. 
Simple enough!

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