Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Addie's First Photo Shoot - Rustic Wood, Vintage, Neutral

Although she wasn't too happy about it, I got some great photos of Addie in her first photo shoot. I purchased a few vinyl backdrops from Etsy that look like wood. You can find them here, at SwankyPrints. I also got an adorable Petti Romper from ChicBabyRose, and a newborn headband that I absolutely love from ButtercupsBows. It was the perfect size for little Adelaide.

I also used a few vintage style props I'd gotten from various places such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby. I love the basket with the "No 1" on it since she's our first baby.  ;)

She cooperated for about five minutes at a time, before she'd start fussing...which inevitably would lead to all-out crying. Luckily I was able to take a few good shots before that happened.

I think this one is my favorite, with the slight smile on her face...

I also ordered some cheese cloth in various colors from That Unique Bowtique. I've seen so many cute pictures on Etsy of newborns wrapped in such cloth like a cocoon - unfortunately I wasn't quite sure how to mimic that look. For those that are interested, my dad recently sent me a link to this blog, Newborn Posing, on which you can purchase a video tutorial showing how to get the desired look. Although I didn't have this beforehand, I got one decent photo by just wrapping it around her body.

Lastly, I got a beautiful fur prop in an ivory color to match the rest of the neutral color scheme from EcoStreet. Addie was a little more interested in eating the fur than posing for her mama.  ;)

I took a few more photos on our couch using a blanket my mom recently gave us. It is incredibly soft and comfy - definitely my new favorite blanket to curl up with. I love how Addie's hands frame her face in these - she looks angelic. Our sweet little angel. 

Sweet baby toes!!

I love the rustic, neutral colors in these. I'm happy with the way they turned out. And the great thing is, I have all of the props and backdrops for future photo shoots of our pretty little Addie.  :)

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