Thursday, September 26, 2013

Addie's Third Week

Adelaide's third week started with a visit from my parents. They were thrilled to spend time with Addie and were an amazing help around the house! They even pulled all of our weeds and planted some flowers. Maybe one of these days they'll be able to visit without having to work!  ;)  Addie loved spending time with her grandparents as well.

Here is the McLeod family's first photo. Justin found a great seafood dive on the water - they even had a small beach for the kids.

Unfortunately my parents' visit got cut in half by an overnight trip to the hospital for Addie. We purchased the highest rated baby monitor, which comes with a motion sensor. After 20 seconds of not movement (i.e. breathing), a loud alarm sounds on both the parent unit and the camera in the nursery. It went off about 10-12 times over the course of a week or so. Hearing the alarm go off in the middle of the night is quite scary in itself, but each time I rushed to Addie and put my finger under her nose to see if she was breathing, I didn't feel anything. I'd shake her a bit and she'd take a breath. I wasn't comfortable leaving her there and watching her to see if she'd finally take a breath at second 25 or 30. I know infants have periodic breathing, but they say that the max time between breaths is usually 15 seconds.

When we went to the pediatrician for Addie's two-week check up I brought up my concerns with her pediatrician. She agreed with me that it's better to be safe than sorry, so she suggested we check Addie into the hospital overnight so they could monitor her breathing and other vitals. It was an extremely long night. Although I knew that she was most likely fine, just seeing her in the hospital made me uneasy and a bit upset. They had the smallest hospital gown for her that I've ever seen - she looked so pitiful in it. It even opens on the back like the adult versions! Seeing her hooked up to all of the monitors broke my heart - and made it difficult to feed her throughout the night, since I couldn't go further than a few feet from the monitors.

I spent most of the night feeding her in a rocking chair because she was so fussy. I think the change of environment upset her as well. She didn't sleep most of the night, which of course defeats the purpose of doing a sleep study at the hospital.  ;)  We brought our motion sensor from home to check it against the hospital's in case it went off, which of course it didn't. The one time we actually want it to go off.....

I'm happy to say that Addie is healthy. Her vitals were strong and she didn't have any sleep apnea episodes while at the hospital. Since then, I've increased the sensitivity on our monitor at home and haven't had any more alarms. Everyone tells me not to use it at all, but it gives me a sense of security that she's still breathing, so I don't have to keep checking on her in her crib just to make sure. I'd say a few false alarms are worth it.

We've seen Addie sneak a few smiles here and there. She also likes to peer out at us with one eye...

This is one of my favorite outfits on her - thanks to her Mimi for finding it! She looks very prim and proper in this one.

How could you not love those turtle lips?!?! Gets me every time!

She looks so small on Justin. I feel like she's already grown so much in the past few weeks since this was taken. It's flying by so quickly!

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