Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Photos - Finding Beauty in Life

My goal this year is to do as my blog says....find the beauty in life. And this past Christmas, I did. My mother-in-law set up a photography session with the same photographer that took my maternity photos. She captured some amazing photos of our family. Looking at the photos of my little girl, I am reminded that there is so much beauty in the small, everyday moments.

Adelaide's entire childhood will be documented in photos and videos since we're now carrying out smartphones around everywhere. Hopefully she look back on these snapshots of her childhood years and smile....and probably comment on how young Justin and I look. ;)

My biggest hope, is that she'll look at these snapshots in years to come, and see how loved she was, and how much beauty surrounded her each day of her life.

Kelly Williams Photography

You can find more of Kelly Williams' gorgeous photographs on her website

Addie has brought more beauty to my life than I ever thought possible. Everyone tells you that becoming a parent will change you forever, but you can never fully understand, or appreciate the immensity of the love you'll have for a child until they arrive. I am so grateful each and every day for our little angel. 

What are you thankful for? In what have you found beauty today?

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  1. love this. and little miss addie will love looking at her albums and so will you and justin! Craig and i just looked at some old albums today. such fun!