Monday, February 15, 2016

Scrapbook Monday: Christmas Layouts of My Two Girls

Hope you're having a lovely Monday! Thought I would share a few scrapbook pages I completed recently, in case it gives you some inspiration or layout ideas. These are photos from Christmas of my two sweet girls. We had a lovely time. It was so much fun with Addie since she was finally at that age where she started to understand that Santa was coming. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she would always reply "presents" or "a bag". Love that little kids are just as excited about the gift bag itself, as they are about what's inside. 

Twas the Night Before Christmas

With this page, I wanted to use some smaller photos to accent the one larger photo. I also wanted the title to stand out, so I used a few different type of alpha stickers.

For the journaling, I typed it up using photoshop, then printed it on a piece of 12x12 patterned paper. Then I trimmed it to size so that it would work with the layout. In order to do this, you have to plan it out first, determine what size you want the journaling card to be, then simply open a new project in photoshop that is that particular size. That way you can make sure all of the text fits within that given space. Then simply print and trim.

For the title, the "'twas the" portion wasn't standing out as much as I'd hoped with the brown woodgrain alphas against the kraft card stock. So I used Glossy Accents and went over the alphas, which gives it that added glossy texture that catches the light, making it stand out a bit more.

I love the photo of the two girls in their matching pajamas under the tree. Unfortunately I couldn't find truly matching pajamas at Target, since their sizes are too different, but I was able to find white fleece pajamas for both that had pictures of reindeer, santa, and trees. So pretty darn close! Sometimes you just have to improvise.  ;)

Decorating the Tree

I love these photos of Addie and my husband decorating the tree. So timeless. She was in charge of hanging ornaments on the bottom branches. I let her put up the less fragile ones, knowing that she'd probably be playing with them up until Christmas, so we wanted the ones on the bottom to be unbreakable.  ;)  She did pretty good, but not all of them stayed on the branches for very long - she needed a bit of help figuring out how to get them fully on the branches, rather than teetering on one needle.

For this page I used lots of layering, using various types of patterned papers. I machine stitched along some, using both zig-zig and stretch stitches. I also used some white doilies peaking out of the layers to give a bit more texture. 

I used various Christmas-themed stickers with various sayings as embellishments, along with some white stars.

I decided to do a photo-strip of sorts, showing the progress of the decorations, starting with Addie trying to help her daddy get the tree out of the box. Always a great helper!

On the top right, I used some puffy stickers, and decided to stitch along them to make it look like tinsel on the tree. Love how it turned out, although looking back I probably should have used a color other than white to make it stand out. But....that would have required me changing the thread on the machine, which takes too much time when you're trying to scrapbook while your kids are napping.

The "I believe" strip of paper below is actually the "tag" on one of the My Minds Eye papers. Don't overlook things like that, that can be repurposed and used on your layout.

Made with Love

This layout is a bit different for me, in both the aesthetic, and the layout. I wanted to complete the page quickly, so I decided to use some strips of paper I had laying around from my other layouts. I snipped the ends to make them look like banner flags.

I loved this patterned paper with the dates of December on it, and didn't want to cover too much of it up. I decided to use some wood veneer accents, along with the blue reindeer and tree paper, to give it a bit of a rustic feel. I printed the photo of Kylie so that it would fit perfectly in the veneer frame.

I don't like the bottom vignette that much, but it needed something on the bottom right to balance things out. Used a paper snowflake ornament my parents bought me in Italy. The "Merry Christmas" veneer is from a pack of six from the dollar spot at Target, meant to be used as gift tags. Again, don't overlook things like this that can be repurposed on your layout.

December 25th

This layout was also thrown together during the girls' nap, so the design of the layout isn't quite what I'd like. But I love the little velum mouse, and decided to make him reach for the stars.  ;)  I used the tiny stapler on this layout in a few places, to add some dimension. I also used strips of paper I had laying around for this page. Don't throw those scraps away! Just line them up on your page somewhere, and voila!

The "25" for the title was cut out of a piece of Maggie Holmes patterned paper.

And there you have it! A few Christmas-themed pages. Not all of your pages have to be red and green for the holidays. Add holiday-themed touches here and there, like stars, snowflakes, and deer.

Hoep you enjoyed and got some inspiration!

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