Saturday, May 3, 2014

Addie's First Easter

These photos are long overdue. I meant to post them a few weeks ago...but life happens.  ;)  This was Addie's first Easter, so I had to get her her own Easter basket and some eggs. I didn't fill them with anything because she's too young for candy, and let's face it, anything that small is a choking hazard at this age. Besides, I had a feeling she would be more enthralled with the eggs themselves, and boy was I right. She held on to her purple egg the entire day. In Lowes...she had her egg. At lunch...she had her egg. I think that is by far the cheapest toy I've ever gotten her...probably about 9 cents.

Headband from BabyBloomzBoutique.

Here she is with her daddy. Someone at work asked me if she's always this happy, because she always seems to be smiling in my photos. I told him only when Justin is standing behind me. She won't smile like that for me, but any time Justin is around she grins from ear to ear. She's definitely a Daddy's Girl already.  ;)

Hope you had a lovely Easter as well, and are enjoying this weekend to the fullest!

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